[UPDATE: It is on sale] Huawei to Join 5G Race with A Tablet-sized Mate 20 X 5G

Huawei Mate 20 X

Huawei Mate 20 X

It cannot be denied that the next batch of phones are going to tout 5G as their groundbreaking tech that should, theoretically, make you give money to phone manufacturers. The technology, which is the apparent successor of 4G LTE has received far-reaching media attention, mainly because it is better whilst being limited to select carriers in developed countries and a small number of phones.

Some OEMs such as Samsung have already launched 5G-capable devices such as the Galaxy S10 5G that started to sell in its home ground in South Korea and the USA. Other manufacturers such as ZTE and BBK’s OnePlus have dipped their toes in the technology, as well as Motorola that sells a 5G Moto mod for devices such as the Z4.

One of the pioneers of the technology, namely Huawei, has reported that it will launch a market-ready 5G device during the course of the month. Dubbed the Mate 20 X 5G, the device will be availed in some of Huawei’s markets before the month elapses. The handheld is mostly the same to the Mate 20 X that was announced alongside the Mate 20 series late last year. It is more of a small tablet with a 7.2-inch screen and bumps up the spec sheet of the ordinary Mate 20 X with 5G modem, bigger battery, and additional RAM and internal storage.

It is worth noting that Huawei has been hired by several carriers across the globe to build 5G infrastructure. Its edge in the technology has made it attract a lot of enemies, especially from the West. The Trump administration, for instance, banned the Chinese corporation from conducting business with American companies, although the setback has since been cushioned with a soft lift on the ban. At the moment, it is unclear if the company will reliably work with American suppliers without experiencing supply chain halts.

Locally, there is little talk about carriers shifting their focus to the provision of 5G services. Telcos such as Telkom and Airtel are still expanding ordinary 4G bases. Safaricom, on the other hand, has expansive and reliable coverage and has the budget and friendship with Huawei to pursue 5G installations. This, will, however, take a long time, considering we started enjoying 4G years after other developed markets launched the service.

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