FaceApp Responds To the Privacy Concerns From their Terms & Conditions

Would you still trust it?

faceapp clarifies


You may have seen a lot of photos being posted everywhere on social media of how people would look if they were old. Face App has become viral the last few days and people seem to like it. However, the app has brought about privacy concerns thanks to its terms and conditions and the company is shedding light on that.

According to TechCrunch, the company has released a statement about uploading users photos and the weird behaviour by the iOS app.

From the statement, they clarified a number of things. First, they said that the app performs the photo processing in the cloud and only upload photos selected for editing.

They also said that they might store an uploaded photo in the cloud to improve performance. This is because they want to make sure people don’t upload the same photo repeatedly for an edit operation. FaceApp clarified that these are deleted from their servers ever 48 hours.

FaceApp also clarified that they don’t upload your entire gallery to their servers when you grant access to photos. They only upload the selected photo for editing.

What about if you wanted to remove all of your data? FaceApp says that that they accept requests to do that. Apparently right now their support team handling this are overloaded with requests. They don’t have an elegant solution for this currently. You have to go to Settings > Support > Report a bug and write ‘privacy’ in the subject line.

They also claimed that they don’t sell or share any user data with third party as well as transfer user data to Russia.

Well, this might put to rest the concerns by people online and some of the stipulations on the terms and conditions of the app.