Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Gets New Update That Improves Camera and Touch Performance

huawei y9 prime 2019

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Huawei’s latest phone in this market is the Y9 Prime 2019 and it is quite a stunner. It was launched towards the end of last month in the Kenyan market and it is a damn good phone.

When it was launched, it was running Android Pie with the May 2019 security patch. That was fine since Huawei usually releases the monthly security patch for a specific month the next month.

In July, the Y7 Prime 2019 recently got the June 2019 security update. This was weird since this was a phone that was launched in January and had gotten the security update before the Y9 Prime 2019.

Yesterday I got a software update notification from the Y9 Prime 2019 and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Huawei pushed a 296MB update to the Y9 Prime 2019 which was more than I expected. It included the Google security patches for June 2019 which was what I was expecting. They also added a camera update for ‘optimizing performance in wide aperture and HDR mode’. Interesting enough, they also added that the update also improved ‘touch responsiveness in certain scenarios.

Regarding the camera, I couldn’t know what changed per se in the above mentioned modes since I don’t use them that much. I normally use the normal photo mode or shoot RAW photos with the Adobe Lightroom app.

The weirdest of all is the update to improve touch responsiveness in certain scenarios. Huawei did not specify where they have improved the touch responsiveness but in my testing, it is largely similar.

Well, at least the phone has the June 2019 security patch and I’m happy because of that. Huawei has been pretty good with this. The Y7 Prime 2019 for example has been getting this monthly so I expect the same energy with the Y9 Prime 2019. If you have this phone and you have seen any changes especially on the camera and ‘touch responsiveness’, comment down below.