China Embassy ‘Shocked’ After Laptop Donation for Kenya Parliament Disappears


Remember when a container that held more than 1000 pieces of laptops was found empty after a suspected theft? Well, it would appear the same thing has happened with a shipment of electronic equipment including laptops that were meant for Parliament.

According to a statement released by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kenya, the shipment was preceded by a high-level parliamentary exchange early in 2019. Asia’s most populous nation promised to donate some office equipment ‘as a gesture of friendship.’

“The China Embassy was informed later that the equipment had already been loaded and shipped and would be delivered in July,” reads a statement from the embassy.

The Embassy says it is shocked that the delivery did not make it here because the boxes containing the merchandize were empty.

“We are shocked to be notified by the National Assembly that when the container arrived in Parliament on 30th July and opened by officers of the National Assembly, it was empty inside,” adds the statement.

China has been making friendly donations to Kenya, including medical apparatus, office equipment, and food aid, to mention. The donations have always made it here without any hiccups. In fact, China had donated office equipment to Parliament sometime in 2018.

“Therefore, this is the first time such thing has happened,” reports the Embassy.

The DCI team will be looking into the matter.

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