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Chinese spies Sogu malware in Africa

Chinese Spies Target Kenya and Others with USB Malware

Chinese spies have been running an espionage campaign that relies on passing malware from one device to another via a USB drive. The spies...
Chinese govt bans iPhones for government officials

China Issues iPhone Ban for Government Employees

The People's Republic of China has issued a notice ordering officials at central government agencies to not use Apple's iPhones. The iPhone ban restricts...

Alibaba Reorganized Into Six Distinct Companies

Alibaba Group is reportedly in the works of dividing itself into six separate companies. According to Reuters, these units will pursue funding and public listings,...

Why China Has Banned Taxi App Didi Days After IPO Filing

The rest of the world, which to the most part does not include China, uses American apps; Google, Twitter Facebook, Uber, and their associated...
china ecommerce

China’s E-commerce Industry Employs More People Than Kenya’s Entire Population

  China has released statistics of their e-commerce industry and as expected, it is one huge industry in the country. E-commerce transaction volume in the country...

Smartphone Sales in China Nosedive in February Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected several sectors of the economy and one of them is in smartphone shipment. This is clearly evident in...
China 5G

China Launches World’s Largest 5G Network with Three Carriers

5G. It is the next big thing in the technology world: it enables customers to download content more quickly because of its higher data...
Hong Kong Protests

Twitter Suspends Hundreds of Accounts Linked to China Propaganda on Hong Kong Protests

Brief background The 2019 Hong Kong protests have been going on in the last couple of weeks. The demonstrations, which have since been amplified across...

China Embassy ‘Shocked’ After Laptop Donation for Kenya Parliament Disappears

Remember when a container that held more than 1000 pieces of laptops was found empty after a suspected theft? Well, it would appear the...

China’s Internet Regulator Deletes 8000 Apps Demonstrating Online Hooligan Activities

China’s internet censorship continues to astound the rest of the world after Asia’s most populous country reported it deleted near 8,000 ‘harmful’ smartphone apps....

Nigerian ISP Blamed for “Accidental” Internet Traffic Hijack on Google Services

In layman terms, Internet hijacking can simply be explained as the rerouting of internet traffic through a path that it was not intended to...
china blocks whatsapp

China Is Probably Cracking the Whip On Its Operators to Block Personal Access to VPNs

To say the least, the use of the internet is very restrictive in China. The Chinese people do not have access to what other...
Pinterest is now blocked in China

China Has Decided To Block Pinterest

Well this is a surprise.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Shows Up in China With Massive Battery

Samsung has a surprise for Chinese smartphone buyers, a bigger and better version of the Galaxy A9 (2016) it unveiled in December last year:...

Pepsi is Releasing an Android Smartphone in China as Part of its New Age Branding Efforts

Carbonated drinks maker Pepsi has been rumoured over the last few days to be making a budget Android smartphone in China thanks to several...

Desire for Apple’s New iPhone 6S Drives Chinese Men to Attempt Selling Their Kidneys

Apple has two swanky new iPhones: the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. They are both expected to sell well as they pack...

The Website of Google’s New Holding Company is Already Blocked in China

At face value, that was really fast. Yes, fast. The announcement that various entities that have been operating under Google and Google itself will...

2 Out of Every 3 Fake Smartphones in China Are Either Xiaomi or Samsung Knockoffs

Samsung and Xiaomi's dominance of the smartphone market as far as Android OEMs are concerned means that their smartphones are objects of...
Yulin dogs

Online Backlash Of A Dog Eating Festival Is Growing

You may be wondering what Yulin is, well we got you. Yulin is a city in South Eastern China which has a beautiful natural...

Russia developing own Linux-based mobile operating system

In a bid to reduce reliance on foreign software, the Russian government is in the processing of developing an inhouse solution for mobile: a...
Smartwatch Banned Here

Chinese Soldiers Banned From Wearing Smartwatches

Chinese 1.6 million troops from wearing smartwatches as they pose a security risk. The Chinese military also banned all other wearable devices with internet...
iPhone 6

1 In 4 Smartphones Sold In China Now Is An iPhone – Kantar

This is not surprising. iPhone 6 has made pretty sizeable dents among rival smartphones sales in the last quarter, Samsung's Galaxy has been...
Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5 Now Selling In China For $420

Samsung launched the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 as part of a new product line-up that was to mark the beginning of metal as...
Nokia X Kenya

Nokia X pre-orders top 1 million mark in China

Nokia's newest offering for the budget conscious buyer and the millions in emerging markets who won't go for the likes of Lumia 925 is...

China Mobile Operating System: a new platform to take on Android and iOS

In these days of increased activity by the NSA on foreign targets, suspicion looms everywhere you turn. The NSA's spying is a concern the...

Dual SIM Galaxy Note 3 for Chinese Market Leaks

The Galaxy Note 3 will be making its way to most global markets shortly after the September 25th date. That will be the single...
Microsoft headquarters

Microsoft under investigations over bribing government officials for software contracts

Investigations that were initiated in China and Italy  over bribery allegations on Microsoft Officials in the two countries have now spread out to include...
Lenovo K900

Lenovo sells more than 98% of smartphones in China, ranks 4th globally

You will be very glad to learn that world's number 4th largest smartphones maker sells over 98% of its smartphones in a single country....
iphone smuggler

This man was caught smuggling 66 iPhones by strapping them to body

It's never that serious, till it actually is serious. This Chinese man, pictured here was caught by customs officials trying to smuggle iPhones by...
Mobile apps

Chinese smartphone users willing to pay for premium experience in apps

China is now the largest smartphones market in the world, surpassing the US which with many states and a huge economy had the title....
Nokia Espoo

Nokia has $250 million to spend on Mobile Ecosystem Ventures, adds focus to China

Nokia has been investing in startups and existing companies that may be beneficial in their growth strategy and making them the all-round mobile company...

Microsoft identifies 13 Resellers who pirate Windows in China

Microsoft is threatening to take legal action in China against 13 PC resellers who Microsoft has identified as pirating Windows OS copies. These 13...
ZTE Nubia Z5

ZTE Unveils 5 inch Nubia Z5

The phablet market is officialy tickled and is bringing all sorts of devices from many quarters. ZTE also enters in style into thos fray...

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