1 In 4 Smartphones Sold In China Now Is An iPhone – Kantar

iPhone 6

OS Share China This is not surprising. iPhone 6 has made pretty sizeable dents among rival smartphones sales in the last quarter, Samsung’s Galaxy has been one which felt the pinch with some drop in sales and revenues. iPhone’s archilles heel that had made the smartphones slow down in sales came in to be their strong point when they put in a large size smartphone. This was one of the main reason people moved in droves to Samsung Galaxy Phones, LG’s G phones and HTC One devices.

They are back when iPhone 6 came with a large screen. China is one very important market due to the size of the single market, and that has a huge impact on total sales a vendor makes. Forget that it’s the place where more than 60% of smartphones are made, even Apple’s iPhones. The iPhone was really in demand in China, a market that is coming menacingly close to ousting the US as a world great economy. This means the demand hit the roof for premium things and with the recent hit at Samsung’s image due to smartphone design and build, iPhone had all the reaps to make.

Kantar reports that Apple sold 25% of smartphones in China in three months ending January 2015. This is effectively 1 out of 4 smartphones, for one vendor, that’s huge considering the main rivals are Android stalwarts Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. Android commands 72.8 percent share. Windows phone devices have a mere 0.1 percent improvement since the last quarter and remains at below 1%.

In Apple’s home country, the US things are much more profound for the fruit country with a 42% OS share being iOS. Android leads with 51.9 percent. That’s majorly it, Windows dares make a 4.3% dent in there which is a drop from 5% same time last year.

Samsung has now released their flagship smartphone of 2015, the Galaxy S6 which has been received with love from many quarters. It goes on same from April 10 in many countries and the impact can only be felt in second quarter of 2015. Windows Phone devices are stretching their muscle in the entry level range mostly with good sales of devices like Lumia 520 and Lumia 535.