Chinese Soldiers Banned From Wearing Smartwatches

Smartwatch Banned Here

Smartwatch Banned Here Chinese 1.6 million troops from wearing smartwatches as they pose a security risk. The Chinese military also banned all other wearable devices with internet access, location capabilities and voice sharing functionality as it considered them a violation of confidential regulations when used by the military personnel.

The ban follows an incident in which an army recruit received a smartwatch as  a birthday gift and tried using the same as a birthday gift. The officer then proceeded to use the device to take photos of his fellow officers within the Barracks. The ban is an extension of similar moves conducted by most armies worldwide on the use of smartphones within Military precincts. The Chinese army has taken necessary steps to relay the information among its officers that included the placing of teaching materials and warning signs on the same. Universities in the world are also among institutions that have banned smartwatches and wearable technology with the belief that they were leading to cheating.

Smartwatches are currently a big hit in wearable technology with smartwatches seeing a surge in uptake. Currently, the Apple Watch currently leads the race in terms of sales and adoption. Other players include the Pebble, Samsung gears, LG Urbane, the Huawei watch among others.


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