This man was caught smuggling 66 iPhones by strapping them to body

iphone smuggler

iphone smugglerIt’s never that serious, till it actually is serious. This Chinese man, pictured here was caught by customs officials trying to smuggle iPhones by strapping them to his body. Customs officials found a total of 66 iPhones strapped around his torso. These were being smuggled into mainland China from Hong Kong.

This man, according to Sina was noticed walking with a certain amount of stiffness. I wonder how stiff it looked knowing how Chinese men walk. He had bags with him but a search revealed nothing, the stomach area though looked stiff and he was stip searched.

China Mobile, the country’s largest mobile carrier does not officially support iPhones, but it’s a known fact that there are over 10 million iPhones on that network alone. Something interesting is that even with phones being manufactured in mainland China, the phones sold in Hong Kong are cheaper, resulting in a lot of smuggling activity that is quite profitable.

Now I’m sure you will be looking at any stiffly walking man with some level of suspicion, right?