Chinese Companies Ban Staff From Buying Apple’s iPhone 7, Threaten to Sack Them

Move aimed at dissuading workers from "developing an unhealthy obsession with pricey technology"


Apple has the swanky new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus out in the market that users are falling over themselves to get them. Some even going as far as buying plane tickets (when they obviously don’t intend to travel) just so that they can get access to airport shops and buy the devices before anyone else. Guess who’ll not be among the millions in China getting new iPhone 7s? Workers in several companies.

According to the BBC, some employers in China have resorted to issuing warnings that employees caught buying the pricey iPhone 7 will face dire consequences ranging from being forced to resign (a nicer way of getting fired?), being forced to return the device to the shop in exchange for a cheaper device or being denied the highest grade during staff appraisals thus resulting in little to no pay raise.

workers are being encouraged not to “acquire an Apple habit”

The move, according to the employers and other people who spoke to the BBC, is aimed at making employees understand the importance of living within their means as the iPhone 7, in some instances, costs up to three times the average worker’s wage in some companies. As such, going out to buy one is being seen as a display of extravagance.

Previously, there have been numerous reported incidences of young men and women in China selling their body parts like kidneys so that they can be able to purchase the latest Apple devices in a market where Apple’s iPhones and iPads are held in high regard.

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  1. I find this so funny. I see the companies point of view. It is less than wise to buy an apple product while your wages do not reflect that but threatening employees not to buy them will not work.You can never make an adult do what they dont want to do

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