Lenovo sells more than 98% of smartphones in China, ranks 4th globally

Lenovo K900

Lenovo K900You will be very glad to learn that world’s number 4th largest smartphones maker sells over 98% of its smartphones in a single country. Well, I am not sure about the glad part, but now you know. 4.7% market-share according to Gartner.

Lenovo posted first quarter earnings that showed a 10% year on year increase in revenues, this is $8.8 Billion in the period ending June. This is a $174 million profit.

Interestingly, Lenovo has a big name in PC segment with the Ideapad brand acquired from IBM earlier when they took over the PC business. The world’s largest PC maker sold 12.6 million PCs, a 16.7% quarterly market-share. 42% of total sales are to the home country of China, with over 98% of smartphones sold selling within China.

And it manages to be fourth in smartphones shipment, ahead of Huawei and ZTE, also Chinese smartphones OEMS. Although the market-share split in smartphones after Samsung and Apple etch out their share isn’t that huge, it’s pretty interesting what generous country borders are doing for Lenovo’s business. Kind of the same thing the USA does for Apple.

Source: TechCrunch