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As Tablets Tumble, Smartphone Sales Are Going Up

What market saturation?

Windows Phone’s Market Share Has Gone From Bad to Worse in Just One Year

In the first quarter of 2015, Windows Phone, Microsoft's mobile platform, had 2.5% market share. Even though that was peanuts compared to the double...
Smartphones for business

Global Smartphone Sales Rose in Q3 2015 Thanks to Demand from Emerging Markets

Smartphones running Google's Android operating system and Apple's iPhones made up for 97% of all smartphone sales registered in Q3 2015 according to research...

Device Shipments Across the Board Expected to Drop in 2015, Smartphone Rise to Continue

Shipments of new devices ranging from PCs to tablets are expected to contract in 2015. According to research firm Gartner, users are not replacing...

Samsung Sold Fewer Smartphones in Q2 2015 While Huawei and Apple Gained

There were 446 million mobile phones sold in the second quarter of 2015 according to research firm Gartner in a new report. Out of...

2.5 Billion Devices to be Shipped in 2015 – Gartner

Research firm Gartner estimates that a total of 2.5 billion devices will be shipped in the year 2015 representing a 1.5% increase from the...

Apple narrowly beat Samsung in Q4 as 2014 smartphone sales surpassed 1 billion mark

Apple managed to sell 74.83 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2014 against a close 73.03 million by rival Samsung to sit at...

Asus Leads Market Share for Hybrid Devices in EMEA

Asus shipped 2.1 million hybrid devices in Q1 2014 growing its market share to 9.3% in the EMEA region. After reading the tea-leaves in...
Lenovo K900

Lenovo sells more than 98% of smartphones in China, ranks 4th globally

You will be very glad to learn that world's number 4th largest smartphones maker sells over 98% of its smartphones in a single country....

Smartphone sales surpass feature phones for the first time -Gartner

2013 has so far seen 423 million mobile phones in Q2 of 2013, this is split between 225 million smartphones and 210 million feature...
Bada vs Windows phone

Bada OS did better than Windows phone in Q3 sales- Gartner

This third quarter Gartner Report on Mobile phones has a story it's telling on how the market-share is like. And quite noticeable is the scale that...
big data

Big Data among the employers for 2013 in EMEA- Gartner

Gartner report says that IT spending in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will grow by 1.4% reaching $1.154 trillion in year 2013. Europe...

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