Uber Adds “Call For Ride” Option in Nairobi

Uber call for ride nairobi

Uber has added an interesting option for those instances you are not in a position to use their apps.

Uber has added an option to hail for a ride in Nairobi using a phone call. From today, Uber users in Nairobi can hail an uberCHAPCHAP or an uberX by calling the toll free number 0800 722 000 from their phones.

Uber is targeting those people who do not have a smartphone or an internet connection and would want to hail an Uber cab.

According to the company, the toll free number will allow a user to cancel a trip or give them access to their 24/7 customer support.

How it works is that you call the number and an agent will answer your request. This works whether if you have an Uber account or you don’t have one. If you don’t have one, the agent will create one for you. You then go ahead to share your location an destination and the agent will generate the fare estimate. When you confirm the fare, the agent will order the ride for you.

The rider will soon receive an SMS with details about the trip like the estimated arrival time, car details like the license plate , contact details of the driver and a link where you can follow the car route. Uber says that the payment is done in cash only once the rider reaches their destination.

This is one of those moves by Uber that are geared to capture more people to their network. The falling cost of smartphones plus the availability of the regular Uber app an Uber Lite is good but there are still a lot of people out there who do not have smartphones but would want to hail a cab.