Here Are Nokia Smartphones That Will Receive Android 10, and When

Nokia 9 Back

Nokia 9 Back

Android 10 is official and this time around, it does not have a dessert name, a development that has received mixed feelings from Android enthusiasts.

The next obvious question is when your phone will be graced with the new software goodies, and that is a very good query. However, there is a good chance that your phone will not be updated if it originates from manufacturers that are notoriously late to updating their phones or never do so for the life for a handful of their handsets. We are not going to mention names today, but your guess is as good as mine because the culprits are known, for those who care.

Now, here are some good news from our friends at HMD, the company that took over the operations of the former global mobile phone giant, Nokia. About three of their phones will be updated to Android 10 in Q4, that is before the year ends – and we are certain it will be earlier than we expect.

Q4 2019

The Nokia 8.1 is one lucky and badass device that has been under the Android Q beta test program for some time. I tested the software on the device and was not very impressed at that time for obvious reasons, but I’m certain the final version of the OS will scream on the device.

You can read its review here.

The Nokia 9 PureView is the next obvious device that will see Android 10 in a timely fashion. We loved the device for its awesomeness in camera output, especially its upper hand in nailing portrait shots better than any other phone in the market.

You can read its review here.

Lastly, the quarter will also see Android 10 make its way to the Nokia 7.1, which I also loved, a lot.

Its review can be read here.

Q1 2020

Nokia 4.2

Nokia 3.1 Plus that I reviewed here.

Nokia 3.2

Nokia 2.2

Besides the 3.1 Plus, the devices in this group were released in 2019 in Barcelona during the MWC.

In the same quarter, HMD will also update the entry-level Nokia 1 Plus, the forgotten Nokia 8 Sirocco and 5.1 Plus.

Q2 2020

Nokia 2.1

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 5.1

Nokia 1

Quite frankly, this is an impressive roadmap that is quite unmatched compared to other phone makers. It is also timely, to be honest, and will even undercut some of the biggest names in the industry.

See what happens when you don’t bloat your phone with heavy skins? – because all these phones run stock Android under the Android One Program.


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