Samsung Reintroduces a Redesigned Galaxy Fold

samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy FoldA few months ago, Samsung was forced to recall the Galaxy Fold from the market, after it emerged the device was riddled with design flaws. At that time, Samsung said it was going to redesign the foldable smartphone to make it a more robust handheld. Samsung has today announced the relaunch of the Fold – and has also introduced some pluses such as 24-hour customer care support for buyers who may need help.

It is worth noting that the general design of the phone has not changed. It still rocks a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display on the larger side and a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED screen on the outside. Samsung says it has improved the hinge, as well as the protective layer on the larger flexible screen that was peeling away in the first round of devices.

Remember, reviewers realized that the foldable screen was susceptible to dust particles. And so was the hinge mechanism. Samsung has now covered the moving part with a rubbery material. At the same time, the protective layer on the display has been extended past the edges of the device, hence users who may think it is a screen protector will not accidentally remove it.

For housekeeping purposes, the Galaxy Fold rocks a S855, has a total of six cameras, a healthy 512 GB of internal storage and 12 GB of RAM. It is powered by a 4235 mAh juicer that should give it excellent endurance.

We are reasonably certain the device will never make it to the Kenyan market because the initial asking price of more than KES 200K is out of the budget of many folks locally, bearing in mind that Samsung’s other high-end devices are already too expensive, including the recently launched Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.


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