Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Major Display Issues According to Reviewers

samsung galaxy fold display issues
via Steve Kovach on Twitter

Samsung announced a bunch of phones back in February and the star of the show was the Galaxy FoldThis was the glimpse of the future of the smartphone that is supposed to be a phone-tablet hybrid.

Samsung packed a lot of features into this device. It folds on the inside as a clamshell device. It has two screens, a 4.6 inch one on the outside and a massive 7.3 inch one on the inside. It has 6 cameras, 12GB of RAM, latest Snapdragon and Exynos processors and a large battery. Samsung quoted a ridiculous $1,980 price tag for the phone but it seemed people were quite unfazed since it is quite cool.

Well, reviewers have finally gotten the device and there is a problem. It has been barely 2 days since reviewers have gotten the phone and they are sharing on Twitter of the phone’s surprisingly rampant display issues.

The main issue with the Galaxy Fold according to these reviewers is about the internal hinge and the huge internal display. They have posted photos of various problems like bulges, display flickering, displays shutting off and so on. Here are some of them

Steve Kovach’s Galaxy Fold’s internal display is half dead and flickers a lot.

A similar case is seen by Mark Gurnman where his Galaxy Fold is unusable like Steve Kovach’s. You can see the trend.

Mark removed this protective layer/film which apparently Samsung says you are not supposed to remove it. He thinks this contributed to the problem.

Now speaking about that film, MKBHD also talked about that protective film. He started removing the film and the display spazzed out and blacked out.

For Deiter Bohn’s case, his Galaxy Fold got a bulge and now the phone is broken.

Samsung has acted fast and has replaced the faulty Galaxy Folds for some of the reviewers and this design flaw could be a chance for Samsung to iron some of the issues with the new design.
This is a first gen product and such problems are inevitable but we can’t wait to see how the 3rd generation would look like.


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