This Guy Installed Spotify on His Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner. Because, Why Not?


Spotify AppDo you even love listening to music if you don’t install Spotify on the gadgets you frequently use? I’m not talking about having Spotify on your phone, desktop or Mac but on devices that don’t normally support Spotify such as the coffee maker or even strange, your vacuum cleaner? Well, this guy did it and I’m genuinely jealous because I could do a lot of vacuum cleaning binge-listening ti Taylor Swift’s latest album. Just me? Alright?

Spotify is a popular streaming service that operates under a freemium model that can not only be installed on regular devices such as phones and laptops but its cross-platform feature allows it to be installed on other gadgets by installing it on Raspberry Pie machines.

According to XDA, Eddie Zhang used Raspotify to run Spotify on his Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. He used Raspotify which modified the open-source client to install Spotify on Raspbian, a Debian-based OS for Raspberry Pi.

This allows him to cast Spotify to the cleaner but you get terrible sound as the sound from the Vacuum’s speakers bleed through the suction noise.

The process isn’t as easy as it looks as you have to SSH into the root directory of the cleaner and install Curl and Raspotify. In the setup guide Eddie posted, you’ll need to create a .config file in Raspbian to install Librespot in order to start Spotify casting on the vacuum cleaner with each boot.

A lot of people got interested including a former Xiaomi employee

Would you try it, even if not on a vacuum cleaner?