6 Tech Essentials Every Writer Needs Every Day


Every day is a battlefield and your weapon are words.

That is the life of a professional writer. However, although the main weapon is basically “words”, there are still some essential “auxiliary arms” that can aid on writing with more convenience, especially when you are out in the field. Below are some of the most essential innovations writers need every day.

  1. Tablet

Having an on-the-go access to write anywhere and anytime is very important for a writer. Once an idea pop out or there is a need to take down notes, it would be easier to just grab your tablet and jot them down. Some writers prefer Apple iPad, but there those who see the Samsung Galaxy series fit for the job. It actually depend upon the need and nature of the work. As long as it is fast enough and functions well according to your need to compose your piece, it’s perfect!

  1. Grammar Checker

The most basic set of lessons a writer must always bear in mind is grammar. For you to write fluidly, you need to have your subject-verb agreement rules and more intact. But it’s always best to employ an outsider’s perspective – more importantly, the view of a grammar checker software. For best experience, you can avail of the premium versions. Grammarly, for instance, has its free and paid registration. This will ensure you perfect grammar for a brilliant article finish.

  1. Plagiarism Monitor

Another crucial factor to write masterfully is an online plagiarism checker. Although you are writing an original piece, much more of rewriting an article, this is an important tool to check for possible duplicates. Like grammar checkers, plagiarism monitors also have its premium versions with a far larger scope and better in-depth checking.

  1. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

You know what else must come in handy for writers? Of course, a keyboard and a mouse. It would be even better if you can find a foldable keyboard that you can easily carry around. With this, you can comfortably compose your articles anywhere.

  1. External Memory

Although your tablet or laptop has its internal memory and you can just save your finished work in there, it would still be advisable to have separate copies of your write-ups in an external hard drive for assurance purposes. This is more essential if you are writing a novel, a research or anything that requires long series of writing or a whole project.

  1. Power Bank

More importantly if you are working in the field or simply traveling a lot, a handy and reliable power bank is a certain daily must-have. You don’t want to run low on power when you still have some important meetings and interviews to catch.

Take advantage of technology to make your life as a writer as painless as possible. All the deadlines and requirement necessities from the clients are “battles” enough. Embrace innovation and make your every day writing experience smoother and better.