Google Play Music App Is Unavailable When Some Users Search for It on the Play Store


Time is ticking away for Google Play Music. Google is planning to replace it with YouTube Music as the default music app. The app has started to go missing for some users as it faces impending doom.

Some Reddit users are posting that they can’t find the app when searching for it on the Google Play Store.

One Reddit user going by the name /u/Nickkel71 posted that when they searched on their Pixel 2XL, the app was missing yet it is installed on the phone.

The app could only be located by using a direct link.

All this points to the fact that Google is moving away from Google Play Music and will now focus on YouTube Music.

Other users said they noticed that Play Music has been removed under Google Apps in the Play Store.

YouTube Music can’t compare with Google Play Music as first it isn’t available in most countries and its functionalities don’t match the latter.

Future devices launching with Android 10 will find that the default tunes app is YouTube Music.