Samsung Teases Imminent Galaxy Fold Launch in Kenya

samsung galaxy fold

Galaxy Fold

Samsung has had their fair share of controversial phones in the past, but in 2019, the Galaxy Fold took the cake. It was their first attempt at the next major smartphone form-factor and it was riddled with issues. The issues were so grand to the point where they retracted their initial launch for a September launch to fix them.

The Galaxy Fold is an expensive smartphone, Samsung quoted a $1,980 (Kshs  202,890) price tag when it launched. I did not expect this to launch in the Kenyan market (due to the insane price) but I guess I was wrong.

Samsung Kenya recently teased on Twitter of an ‘engineering marvel’ that we should await.

From the video, this is clearly a Galaxy Fold, the unfolding the future tagis a dead giveaway. The interesting bit is that this launch is set on the 14th of November. That is Thursday this week.

It is kind of surprising that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Fold in Kenya. This is clearly an enthusiast phone and with its high price tag, it is clearly targeted for a small group of people who want to sample the bleeding edge of tech. The premise of having a phone and a tablet in one formfactor could be alluring to some.

However, you can also argue that Samsung is doing this to make a name for itself in this market. They will be the only manufacturer to launch a folding phone of its calibre in this market, which will make it stand out from the crowd.