Kenya’s PortableVoices Partners with Afripods to Distribute and Produce Podcasts

portable voices afripods podcast deal

Podcasts have become a fun thing to listen to while you are working or on your daily commutes and they have become popular. We have seen companies go into partnerships to try to capitalize on the podcast boom and we are seeing one locally.

PortableVoices, a Kenyan media company and podcast network has entered into a new podcast and distribution partnership with Afripods.

Afripods will distribute podcasts produced by Portable Voices as well as co-produce future “Afripods Original” podcasts through Afripods platform.

“Podcast consumption is really growing in Kenya and across Africa, this new partnership allows us to continue producing more local products,” Allan Niongira, Portale Voices founder said. “With Afripods as our distribution partner, we are able to reach more listeners across the region”

Portable Voices opened a new studio in Nairobi back in May this year. The studio will serve as an open place for broadcasters, entertainers, publishers and business information providers to produce high quality podcasts, radio dramas and digital audiobooks. Portable Voices also announced plans to expand and modernize the studio to cater for demand.

Podcast awareness has been growing over time. According to Buzzsprout, in 2006 only 22% of consumers knew what podcasts were. In 2019, 64% of consumers were aware of podcasting. This data means that the market for podcasting is growing and the potential for growth is huge.

You can listen to podcasts on Afripods by either downloading their Android or iOS apps or going to the Afripods website.

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