Microsoft Unveils Their Next Generation Xbox Series X Console, Inspires Memes

xbox series x

xbox series x

Microsoft and Sony announced their new generation consoles this year and we only knew about their internal specifications so far. They are only a year away from shipping to consumers but we had no idea how they’d look like.

A console design is one of the most recognizable things about it. The Xbox One looked like a huge VCR while the PS4 had a trapezoidal design. Well today, Microsoft unveiled how the next generation Xbox would look like, and it is…ummm…interesting.

The next gen Xbox will be called theΒ Xbox Series XΒ and from the press renders, it is even boxier than before. Messy naming scheme aside, it looks like a mini-fridge or a tower PC and that seems to the general sentiment when Microsoft launched the device.

As a refresher, the new Xbox Series X will be one powerful console. It will feature a custom AMD Zen 2 processor that is claimed to be 4 times powerful than the custom AMD processor on the Xbox One X. It also supports 8K resolutions, ray tracing, upto 120fps gameplay and that sweet but fast GDDR6 memory. It is slated for a Holiday 2020 release and Microsoft is turning up the hype on this console.

Of course Twitter had to comment on the Xbox Series X design and they are properly trolling the new console.

It looks like this huge fridge

It looks like the 2013 trashcan Mac Pro

An Xbox refrigerator doesn’t look too bad in my opinion

Is that a stack of Nintendo GameCubes???

Even a PC build maker is trolling Xbox

The tower trolls keep coming

Someone thought it looks like a pot for a plant

*Insert appropriate Tom and Jerry meme*

Insert appropriate Spongebob meme*


  1. I have to say the naming scheme Microsoft uses in their Xbox product line is quite confusing. At least if you compare it with its competitor Sony Playstation. Here is an example, Sony has Playstation 1,2,3,4,4slim,4pro while Xbox has Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox one s, Xbox one x, and Xbox series X. Anyway I like their hardware powerful hardware though Microsoft should consider acquiring more Gaming studio in order to come up with Xbox exclusive Games. I can’t wait to see the Xbox series X unveil

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