Telkom Kenya Acknowledges Network Issues Experienced by Customers

Telkom kenya network issues

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Telkom Kenya customers have been complaining about network issues which have plugged the telco for the past few days. The company has finally sent out a communiqué on Twitter acknowledging the network issues they are facing. It reads:

Dear Customer,

We are currently experiencing a network incident that has caused service interruption in some parts of the Country.

Kindly bear with us as our technical teams work to resolve this. We regret any incovinences caused.

Telkom has not specified the actual reason for the network incident or the number of services that have been affected by the service interruption or the areas affected in the country.

However, judging from mentions sent to their social media handles, it seems that it has been happening for a while. In some cases, it is a data issue and in other cases, some customers have experienced multiple day network outage. The situation seems like only some places are experiencing massive issues

4 day outage

6 day outage

These people can’t use the Internet

In other cases, some people have not been able to make calls to other networks since 6th December, which is a week ago

This guy from Sotik is not able to get a network signal

This acknowledgement comes at a weird time. The Competion Authority of Kenya finally approved the Airtel-Telkom merger with some conditions and this network outage doesn’t look good on them.

This is also not the first time we have seen data outage from Telkom Kenya. They had a major data outage last year due to a fibre cut which inconvenienced a lot of people.