Twitter is Considering Allowing People to Send Each Other Money

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Twitter is a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it is a way to catch up with their friends. Others use it to catch up with the latest news and trends for the day. Some use it to vent out their frustrations for the day. A lot of people out there login to Twitter for some or all of the reasons mentioned before.

But what if you could send money to each other on Twitter? That sounds like a pretty good idea and Twitter is considering it.

According to the Information, Twitter is considering a feature that will allow users to send each other moeny from their tweets. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO founded Square which is a payments company. If the feature rolls out (eventually), the microtransactions could be linked with Square and it won’t be a surprise at all.

Currently, Twitter and Square partner to let users make donations to politicians through tweets.

If this feature is rolled out, it could be used in a number of ways. I can see it being used like the service Patreon where people will find a way to charge people for exclusive tweets about a specific subject. Twitter comedians (they are many) can also use it to get an income from their funny tweets. You also bet it will be used for porn reasons on Twitter.

Well, Twitter is considering this feature so it might not be released in the future. However, I see it changing how we consume media and probably that’s why they are considering it.