Dark Mode on WhatsApp Rolls out for Android Users

Only for the beta users currently

whatsapp dark mode

whatsapp dark mode android

WhatsApp’s Dark Mode has been rumoured for months. This is a messaging app with over 1.5 billion users and the hint of it having dark mode made users get hyped up. Dark mode has benefits like ease of use during night time and better battery life for people with OLED screens.

Well, this feature has been rolled out to Android users on the beta channel which is great news for those who have been waiting for it for ages.

If you update your WhatsApp for Android to version 2.20.13, you will see that they have added the dark mode within settings. Go to Settings > Chats > Theme and choose your poison.

Light theme is the usual white theme that we’ve been used to since the beginning. Dark theme is the new one that features a darker background and has been on our wishlist for a while.

System default (in Huawei’s case) depends on your phone’s default theme. In my case, I’m on Android 10 and I’ve set the system wide theme to dark so it will remain dark. If I choose light theme from the general settings, WhatsApp will go automatically with my general theme settings.

There is another option for people on Android 9 or older versions. If you see Set by Battery Saver, it allows to automatically switch between the light or dark theme depending on the battery saver settings. In some phones, they switch to a darker theme to save on battery.

In dark mode, chat bubbles are either dark grey or green. In the usual light theme, chat bubbles are either white or light green.

The addition of dark mode to the beta channel means that it won’t be long till we see this being rolled out to everyone in the near future.