Samsung Launches the S20 Series in Kenya with Reduced But Still Expensive Price Tags


The Samsung Galaxy S20 series of phones are here. The lines feature the S20, S20+ and the S20 Ultra. Alongside their global launch nearly a month ago, the phones were released alongside the Z Flip, which is an entire shift from the foldable trend we first saw with the Galaxy Fold in 2019.

The Kenya launch means just that: you can walk into any Samsung store and walk away with any of the prized pocket computers that have been packed to the brim with all the kitchen sink features you can think of – save for the headphone socket that is now gone because the world is transitioning towards a wireless ecosystem. We are not going to cry about this move in 2020 because it is normal now, and is not as sensitive as it used to two or three years ago.

Folks who preordered the S20s have already or are in the process of receiving their purchases. The preorder exercise was also sweetened with one perk: free Galaxy Buds+ that are worth KES 16,000. Future purchases will not be accompanied by the wireless earphones, so there is that.

On the bright side of things, the price of the phones has been revised downwards. We are glad this development is here because the KES 100K starting point for the S20 was pretty steep (KES 120K and 135 K for the Plus and Ultra models, respectively at launch), especially in the Kenya market where entry-level and mid-range devices sell.

Here is the new price:

S20 – KES 94,000

S20+ – KES 104,000

S20 Ultra – KES 130,000

Here is another plus: if you buy any of the phones today, you will get a 5% discount, meaning you will pay KES 89300, KES 98800 and KES 123500 for the normal S20, S20+, and Ultra, respectively. Or you could just wait a couple of months down the line because we all know Samsung prices come down pretty quickly.

We have talked about the new devices in previous posts, and our opinion is that they are great handhelds because, well, they are Samsung’s best and need to make a statement in an insanely crowded and competitive smartphone space. We will have additional opinions and assessments in the coming should we get the chance to play with one these babies.