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Boosteroid is probably the best example to show you how cloud gaming works. If you are interested in playing games wherever you are, then you should lay back and read this text to the very end. The power of streaming technologies is waiting for you. Have you ever asked yourself if it is possible to play Fortnite in browser? Or why should you even try cloud platforms? Let’s say, you can save your money and boost your gaming experience like never before.

What’s in the cloud box?

This story began in the early 2000s when the first streaming services started to emerge. However, back then it was pretty difficult to see the full potential of cloud technologies. Even ten years later the most promising services like OnLive simply failed. Now a new decade has opened its doors and industry has made the next step towards cloud gaming. For several years big companies like Sony, Nvidia or Google have been trying to take over the market. Surprisingly, none of them has a solid ground. After the latest news about Nvidia losing games from its library or Stadia suffering from huge latency issues, it’s probably better to stop for a while…

Boosteroid game FortniteBoosteroid game Fortnite

Just ask yourself: is it always a good idea to chase big companies? There are some other services showing even better results. One of them is Boosteroid. How is it different from others? Well, it’s working smoothly in Central and Eastern Europe and is currently becoming one of the biggest players on the market. It’s already clear that Boosteroid is a real success story.

It’s streaming time

There are several types of cloud gaming nowadays, but the most popular is online streaming. Your device is connected to high-end remote servers, where all the processing takes place. The gameplay is rendered there and streamed back to you. Latency is no longer an issue. Applying the latest technologies Boosteroid shows incredible results in Central and Eastern Europe. Thousands of users are playing their favorite games without any issues.

Boosteroid will be available all around Europe and North America already this year. If not now, you’ll have a chance to try it very soon. Many users are expected to join the platform when it becomes available in developing countries like India, China or Mexico.Boosteroid prof 3 new

Boosteroid has custom software tools to reduce latency and secure high image quality. Games run smoothly both in browsers and on smartphones. You can use a wide range of devices as if they are your portable consoles. Besides, popular gamepads are available to ensure real console-gaming experience:

  • Xbox One;
  • Xbox 360;
  • DualShock 4;
  • Logitech Gamepad F310/F510/F710, etc.

We’ve been waiting for that for quite a long time, haven’t we? You can enjoy 1080p/60fps gameplay sitting on a couch at home or in a cafe. You don’t have to worry about long downloads and installations, lags or lack of processing power — things that do make gamers’ lives a burden. Cloud gaming is a great solution for people with outdated and low-performance PCs or laptops and all those who want to play whenever they want and wherever they are. Boosteroid takes care of your hardware, you’ll never need to upgrade it to be able to enjoy the latest titles.

Spend your money wisely

For many gamers good cloud gaming is priceless. How much are you ready to spend on the opportunity to play favorite games on max settings? Google Stadia will charge you $10, while Nvidia’s GeForce NOW costs only 5$. Is the market capable of offering something better? Yes! A one-year Boosteroid subscription enables you to run AAA games for as little as €4.16 per month. Isn’t this way cheaper than buying a new gaming PC?

What about free cloud gaming? Boosteroid is currently working on a huge update that will enable everyone to go cloud gaming free of charge. Be sure to try it and see the future with your own eyes. Boosteroid also stays close to its customers and has 24/7 online support.

What is the best cloud gaming service on the market? It’s a difficult question, indeed. Each service has its own benefits. We are on the verge of the cloud gaming war — and Boosteroid is definitely on the front lines.