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Kenyan Betting Firms Choose M-PESA for Real-time Tax Remittances

A few weeks ago, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) updated the media on tax administration in the betting and gaming industry. KRA has since...

The State of Gaming and E-sport Space in Africa

According to a recent Gamers Industry Africa report, South Africa has the highest saturation of gamers across Africa, with 24 million people (almost half...

Sub-Saharan Africa Doubles Number of Gamers to 186 Million in the Last Five Years

The mobile gaming industry in Africa is rapidly expanding, with a 2021 GSMA mobile economy report indicating that 303 million people in sub-Saharan Africa,...

Cloud Gaming – The New Way to Enjoy Gaming?

Are you a gamer or a legend who thrives on playing different games be it on PlayStation, smartphone, or X-Box too? This article is...
Boosteroid cloud gaming

Boosteroid — Cloud Technology Game Changer

Boosteroid is probably the best example to show you how cloud gaming works. If you are interested in playing games wherever you are, then...

This Gaming Bed Is Insane and I Want It

Tired: Gaming Chairs. Wired: Gaming Beds. Yeah, that's right. This setup might actually unleash the gaming demon in me that has lied dormant for...
DroiPad 7D gaming

This is Why I Don’t Like Gaming on Smartphones

We use our smartphones for so many things and one of them is gaming. Gaming is such an important part of the smartphone experience...

How to Start an Online Gaming Business

If you are a business-minded person, one of the best things about today’s world is that there are numerous opportunities. Thanks to the internet,...

Important FAQs Related to Online Gaming on Mac Computers

It comes as a great news for the Apple fans that the company has finally acknowledged a problem with its butterfly keyboard. They are...

4 Things You Can Do Better With An iPad Or Tablet

If you’re not that much of a tech savvy person, you might be pondering whether you should bother buying a tablet when you have...

Blockchain Innovators Making Waves in iGaming

The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology within the iGaming industry has risen exponentially in recent years. We expect to see it more widely...
aurion game

Aurion is A Game That Tells the African Story

There are few game developers on the African continent and of those, only a handful manage to find their way on the competitive global...

Understanding Online Gaming: 20 Online Slots Tips

Nowadays online slot machines represent one of the most popular forms of online gambling. That’s understandable, because they come in various shapes and sizes...
Green Gaming

This Tool Assists Online Gamblers to Recognize and Amend Risky Behaviour

One of the most common objections that some people have with regard to online gambling is that fact that it can tempt people into...
online gaming

How The Online Gaming Scene Has Changed Over The Years

Even though many veteran gamers are increasingly alarmed at how most contemporary games are becoming ever more online focused, the fact is developers are...
online gaming

How has the Popularity of Online Gaming Affected the Internet Sector?

Having a faster Internet speed has nowadays become an absolute necessity due to the incredible growth of gaming industry. One of the main reasons...
online game

How will Virtual Reality change the Online Gaming Industry

For years, Virtual Reality was a concept that only existed in the world of fantasy and science fiction. Over the past few years however,...
Virtual reality

How Casual Gaming will Handle the Rise of Virtual Reality

Casual games have been around for ages. These are games that are quick and simple, with not much dedication required on the player's part....

Is Live Casino The Next Big Thing?

Online casinos are well known for creating the look and feel of a real casino due to the sounds and graphics that they use....
technology and gaming

How Technology has Revolutionised the Gaming Industry

Anybody who’s played a video game in the past year will know how technology has changed the activity in a way that’s shown breathtaking...
el dorado game

Game Review: Jungle Jim: El Dorado

The fifth Indiana Jones movie will not hit theaters until 2019. The latest adventures of Lara Croft - the PC gaming world's latest and...
Angry gamer

Zero Downtime: Reducing Lag and Interruptions in Online Gaming

Lag, high ping, terrible netcode, and service interruptions are the death knell of any online, multiplayer experience. Lag (and other issues) that are out...
productivity gaming

Does Gaming Help in Productivity?

Even though the capitalist system doesn’t approve of distractions like video games at work, more and more modern day companies actually provide video game...
Final Fantasy IX

Four Up and Coming Apps of 2016

Apps are now an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. Approximately 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and these consumers use...

Samsung’s New App Seeks to Make Gaming Experience Smooth on its Devices

Samsung has released a new application on the Google Play Store that does something that chronic gamers will love: allowing users to adjust the...
Satoru Iwata

4 Gaming Consoles Shaping The Late Nintendo President’s Legacy

Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata passed away 2 days ago due to a bile duct growth according to a press release from the company. Satoru...
Online Community Gaming

Gaming Is Increasingly About The Community

An increase in new gaming technology has led to a rise in the amount of gamers playing against each other online from different locations...

Gaming on Nokia’s Asha feature phones

Nokia has decided to bring the ultimate gaming experience to its customers with the Asha devices. With the 305, 306 and 311, Nokia has...
onlive cloud

OnLive Cloud Gaming Reaches UK Gaming Community in SRS Surround Sound

SRS 5.1™ Surround Allows OnLive ® Video Games to Be Delivered to TVs, Computers and Mobile Devices in Immersive Surround Sound

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