Samsung’s New App Seeks to Make Gaming Experience Smooth on its Devices


Samsung has released a new application on the Google Play Store that does something that chronic gamers will love: allowing users to adjust the frame rate and resolution of games.

The application, Game Tuner, will allow users of Samsung’s premium devices to scale down the resolution on any game they are playing as well as alter the frame rate. This is a welcome move because it has a direct effect on the battery life of a device and with Samsung ditching removable batteries on all its premium smartphones recently, it makes a lot of sense.



This is an application of its kind as such universal control on devices are still rare without users resorting to extremes like taking matters into their own hands and rooting their devices (and voiding warranties in the process) to tamper with one or two things.

Currently, only the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 are supported. Support for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is forthcoming even though there are reports that the application already works (on and off) unofficially on the two devices when sideloaded.

If you have any of the supported devices then hit the Play Store and get some more control next time you’re winding down by way of playing some game.