Aurion is A Game That Tells the African Story

aurion game

There are few game developers on the African continent and of those, only a handful manage to find their way on the competitive global stage. However, of those few, there is one developer, Kiro’ o Games that has managed to leave a lasting impression with its game, Aurion. Aurion is based on African tales and is accessible at various online casinos, can be downloaded on your Android or iOS device or alternatively you can play it via the browser on Windows. Below is a review of the game.


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori Odan is based upon African cultures and is set on the planet of Auriona, a fictional planet that resembles Africa. African myths are used as inspiration for the characters of the game. In the background, the sound of drums can be heard depicting the African sound.

The success of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori Odan can be said to have inspired other African games and also films such as Black Panther which has been a massive success globally. Black Panther is set in Wakanda, an African country with massive wealth. The characters, graphics, and background sounds all resemble the African continent and its people and culture thus one can say Aurion is not only successful in that it made huge profits but also because it inspired many other productions.


The story centres on the prince of the land of Zama, Enzo Ori-Odan. Enzo is the last in line to rule the Kingdom of Zama and when the time for his coronation comes, his brother-in-law takes over power via a coup and Enzo together with his fiancé, Erine Evou of the land of Soma are forced to sneak out into foreign lands. While in the foreign lands, Enzo has to travel across all the other six continents seeking ties with other Kingdoms so that he can overthrow his brother-in-law and reclaim the land of his ancestors.

While travelling from one continent to another, Enzo and Erine face different existential dilemmas and they learn other functions attached to the crown. The travels of Enzo and Erine exposes them to different cultures and rituals. Some of these cultures and rituals do help the two in their fight against the brother-in-law and also against some of the enemies they face on the road. The other rituals also come in handy at the end when the final battle between Enzo and his brother-in-law erupts back in the land of Zama.


This is a single player game. You embody Enzo as he embarks on a journey across the six continents looking for military ties to overthrow his brother-in-law. While on your journey, you will encounter other enemies leading to combat. However, due to the royal blood inside you, you can summon Aurion, an ancient energy that can help you defeat your enemies. Aurion, the ancient energy can also increase your power and help you unlock greater abilities. This is a wonderful game to play which brings out the beauty of the African continent, its culture and the myths associated with evil.