Understanding Online Gaming: 20 Online Slots Tips


Nowadays online slot machines represent one of the most popular forms of online gambling. That’s understandable, because they come in various shapes and sizes and with the development of IT technology, with superior designs and killer 3D graphics. This variability is exactly the thing why are online pokies so popular, literally every player can find the slot that suits him the most, whether because of its features and bonuses or because of the theme, design and graphics. So, if you are an online slot machine lover, stick around to read some tips that can potentially help one to improve his gaming skills and eventually achieve some serious payouts! After that, one can try out those tips and play free online slots – Slotozilla.

Welcome to the Online Slots World

So, here are some things everyone should get familiar with before taking a spin or two:

  1. How slots work – for starters one should understand the mere concept of online slot machines. These games use a special program called a random number generator in order to determine winners. This process is entirely random and each and every spin can be considered as an individual event, which means that the results of previous spins don’t affect the results of the next one.
  2. Get to know the terms – this goes especially for new players who didn’t have contact with online slots before. Those terms apply to controls, types of symbols and rewards they carry, additional features, etc. One can find all this info under the “Paytable” option of almost every slot machine.
  3. Read the reviews – reviews and opinions of other players can be of use, but don’t take them as 100% accurate, because they still carry a bit of subjectivity.
  4. Choose reliable slots – when searching for the slot machine that’s most suitable for you, be sure to check the developing company that stands behind the game. One can check the list of the most successful developers by visiting Casino Hawks.
  5. Choose reliable casinos – this fact is as important as choosing a reliable slot, because one doesn’t want to end up with complications during the withdrawal of potential winnings.

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  1. Free play mode – one should always take advantage of free play mode, in order to get to know the slot of his choice better. So, before placing a deposit, take a few free spins.
  2. Check the RTP percentage – RTP (return to player) percentage in fact represents the player’s chances of scoring a payout. It usually takes values between 90% and 98%, the higher the percentage, the greater are the chances.
  3. Place the bet properly – one places a wager using control buttons which usually come as “+” and “-“. Bet per line stands for the amount of the wager per one active payline, while the total bet represents the value of the wager per one spin. Try not to invest all the balance in just a couple of spins, distribute the funds properly and be patient.
  4. Paylines – one can also modify the number of active lines per spin. The higher this number is, the greater are the chances of scoring a payoff.
  5. Don’t chase losses – patience is a virtue. If it isn’t going very well, better take a rest and play later, or you could go bankrupt very quickly.
  6. Gamble feature – some slots come with this addition that can double up one’s payout after each winning spin. Usually it comes in the form of guessing whether the next card drawn will be bigger or smaller than the one on the screen, or the player simply needs to guess the color of the next card.
  7. Wild and scatter – watch out for those symbols, because they carry very interesting features that can help one to acquire some winnings.
  8. Search for progressive slots – they can increase the payback percentages of online slot machines because the value of the jackpot affects the potential win. Just wait until the jackpot reaches a good size and start spinning.
  9. Good money management – like in any other casino game, one should predetermine the amount of money he is willing to spend in his tryouts to score a payoff. Remember – not every spin will be the winning one.
  10. Casino bonuses – look for promotions and bonuses that are offered by the casinos, because they often carry a certain amount of free spins for some of the most popular slots they have to offer.
  11. Avoid slot machine myths – there are plenty of myths regarding slot machines. One can read about the most common ones by visiting Odds Shark, under the ”Slot Machine Myths” section.
  12. Mood and focus – one should be in a positive mood while playing online slots (as well as any other casino game) in order to maintain focus and avoid losses.
  13. Bonus rounds – take advantage of additional bonus features as much as you can, because they can bring one some serious prizes!
  14. Don’t get attached to one game – one should always find several online slots he will play. While choosing them, make sure that they come with different symbols, bonuses and additional features, because this may increase the chances of winning.
  15. Have fun! All these tips and tactics may seem a little bit tiresome and we all know that the main purpose of games is to entertain the players! So don’t forget that, follow these tips and enjoy your gameplay!