Gaming on Nokia’s Asha feature phones


Nokia has decided to bring the ultimate gaming experience to its customers with the Asha devices. With the 305, 306 and 311, Nokia has partnered with EA, Zynga, Gameloft, Rovio among other partners which will see games like Angry Birds and NFS The Run being featured in the Asha devices. The Standard Nokia browser 2.0 also comes with 90% web page compression. This will give the user faster web page browsing and smaller downloads over the Nokia Asha device.

The device has redesigned interface and the user can swipe the screen to view their apps. The user is allowed freedom of design, colour and form factor. The device comes preloaded with social applications giving he user instant access to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. There is a nostalgic gift for the user, the locally developed Ma3 racer and available at Ovi Store. Created by Planet Rackus, the game we’ll soon have additional features i.e. most of the familiar Nairobi streets through which the user can race their Ma3.