4 Things You Can Do Better With An iPad Or Tablet


If you’re not that much of a tech savvy person, you might be pondering whether you should bother buying a tablet when you have a smartphone even though, deep down you do feel that an iPad or tablet might be a better solution for particular situations, such as when you need a big screen but do not wish to carry your laptop and charger with you.

Another reason could be because of your busy lifestyle, perhaps you’re always on the go, travelling from town to town, spending a few hours a day on the train, or you’re always going to business meetings and need to carry notes with you wherever you go.

You understand that some of the most obvious benefits of having a tablet or iPad are flexibility and portability, but you might still not be able to understand how significant these factors are unless you put them into context and look at examples of how you would be using your iPad or tablet on a day-to-day basis.

In this article, we’re going to mention just 4 things that you can do better with an iPad or tablet that will hopefully shed a better light on the dilemma, and help you arrive at a conclusion.

(P.S. For lack of a better word, and in order not to cause confusion, I will refer to both tablets and iPads in this article as tablets, even though they are essentially not the same).

Read Better and Reduce Eye-Strain

I’ve tried reading eBooks and articles on my phone countless times and trust me, it is a bad idea. The eye-strain is real, sister! Apart from instantly getting a headache from trying to read endless lines of text (since the screen is smaller, short paragraphs become mini-epics), it is so distracting getting calls or messages that will take a quarter of your screen just to show up on your phone to alert you.

With tablets, these problems are greatly reduced. I won’t say, they will completely vanish, because they won’t. We know reading off a screen can be harmful especially if we do it for long hours on end, whether it’s on a laptop, mobile or tablet. However, what I’m saying is that you would be doing yourself a great favor if you opted to read on tablets rather than phones. If you must read something on a screen, the bigger the better. Plus, you can also reduce the impact by modifying the screen settings such as adjusting the brightness.

Once again, I’m not saying that kindles or e-books should, or could ever, replace paperback books, because I am a firm believer that flipping through the pages of a book is an irreplaceable experience, but, if you have to read things like academic papers or news articles, a tablet can be pretty handy. I remember during my University years, there was no way I could afford buying all the books the lecturers suggested, and sometimes we’d only have to read chapters of them.

Yes, I could have gone to the library, which I did thank you very much, but because I’d have to photocopy important pages since I’d have to return the books in a few weeks’ time, I sometimes preferred purchasing eBooks instead at a cheaper price. It was more convenient, and it meant producing less waste.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

The first thing that comes to mind about games, is that they take up a lot of space on your phone. As soon as I download one or two new apps, my phone starts screaming that it’s almost full and that I need to delete data in order to access files like photos or videos. Needless to say, this is extremely annoying and inconvenient. On the tablet, however, the majority of the apps on my tablet are games – because fundamentally I don’t really use the tablet as much as my phone in general, even to take photos, so my tablet is like my little entertainment hub where I keep all my games, music and movies or TV series.

The second thing that comes to mind is playing games on smartphones lacks immersion since the screen is so small. This is why I prefer to play my all sorts of games on my iPad instead of my phone, in some cases where I would be limiting my selection, I don’t even download apps but play online instead. For example I prefer playing online slots than downloading casino apps because there’s obviously a much wider selection available online.

Last but not least is the battery life. Just like with the whole storage problem, when it comes to battery longevity, mobile phones suck really bad. Not only do tablets have a longer battery life, but most people would much rather drain their tablet battery than their phone battery, especially if they do not have a charger on them or do not have access to a wall socket to plug in their chargers. Trust me, nobody’s willing to end up with a dead phone, we just can’t function without it for some reason and it just drives us nuts.

Fit in an Hour’s Work

So you’re out or at home and need to check your emails or update an excel sheet, or you’re out and you need to hold a quick skype call for an emergency meeting – a 3″ phone screen isn’t exactly the best choice. A laptop would probably be the best candidate for this, but in certain cases, this is not always practical, especially if you’ve gone out for a quick coffee, or you’re in a rush to go somewhere.

With the tablet, you can do most tasks easily, and the best part is that, if your time’s up, you can just save, close and carry it with you wherever you go so that the first chance you get, you can sit down and continue. You can even buy a small Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad or tablet if you find it difficult to type on the touchscreen. We promise you, it’s very convenient and you won’t even know it’s there, it’s slim and as light as a feather, and can fit easily in small handbags or backpacks.

Watch the Latest Episodes on The Go

I absolutely LOVE this one! First off, I love watching episodes on my tablet more than I do on my laptop even! The laptop’s just too big and inconvenient sometimes, I just want to carry my tablet around and be able to continue where I left off without a problem.

You can watch an episode while waiting at the dentist’s or while travelling on the train – you can even watch a quick episode before your friend comes to pick you up without having to switch on your laptop or desktop. Heck, you could even make a date out of it!

I’ve done it before, and I still do. I just prepare a picnic basket and lie down on the grass and watch a movie, or if it is during the colder months, you can make some hot cocoa, grab some snacks, drive up next to the beach and sit comfortably and cozied up in the car alone or with your significant other.


That concludes our list! We hope we’ve given you a better understanding of the benefits that come with having an iPad or tablet! Let us know if you have any questions or ideas in the comments below. See you on the next one!