Cloud Gaming – The New Way to Enjoy Gaming?


Are you a gamer or a legend who thrives on playing different games be it on PlayStation, smartphone, or X-Box too? This article is for you.

In this article, we discuss what is cloud gaming and what it could mean to the gaming industry.

Cloud gaming is referred to as gaming on demand or gaming-as-a-service or game streaming. In this type of gaming, video games are run on remote servers and are streamed directly to a user’s device. The easier way to describe it is just playing a game remotely from a cloud.

Gamers are able to play any game, anytime, anywhere.

Which Cloud Gaming is free?

Currently, there are not a lot of service providers who have provided the service but one free cloud gaming service you can explore is the NVIDIA GeForce NOW. You are able to play games in 1080p across a wide range of devices.

Gamers can also choose to utilize the free-to-user subscription tier where you fully own the games you play.

Specification for Cloud Gaming

Now that we have defined what cloud gaming is, it is also important to define the specs needed for it. Hardware requirements include a Dual-core x86-64 CPU with 2.0GHz or faster, a minimum of 4GB of system memory, and a GPU that at least supports DirectX 11, NVIDIA GeForce 600 series or newer, and Intel HD Graphics 2000 series or newer.

Cloud gaming is also secure as user data is saved on a secure server and the data is transmitted across secure channels, which eliminates data breaches.

You will also require an internet connection of 5 to 20Mbps to have an uninterrupted gaming session.

There are different cloud companies that offer cloud gaming services such as Google which offers secure, reliable, scalable infrastructure solutions for gaming using the Google Cloud and Kubernetes engine.

Regions Supported

Cloud Gaming is currently supported in select regions. For instance, for Xbox gamers, cloud gaming is available in only 28 countries across the world. Microsoft is planning to add more countries over time. We hope Kenya will be added soon. To check on the regions X-box cloud gaming is supported check here.

In order to check the regions where GeForce cloud gaming is supported, check here.