Does Gaming Help in Productivity?

productivity gaming

Even though the capitalist system doesn’t approve of distractions like video games at work, more and more modern day companies actually provide video game consoles in their work environments so that workers can relax and refresh a bit. This means that you can take a break to play online and come back to your desk refreshed and ready to work. This is especially the case with IT companies, but as the trend spreads even non-IT companies have been infected by this concept.

At those companies that don’t allow for this, office workers try to sneak some games like solitaire or other card games like the latest real money blackjack apps on their mobile devices so that they can relax in-between work hours. But little do office managers realize that employees can relieve work stress through gaming and actually increase their work productivity. There is more and more evidence of this as researchers try to establish the link between gaming and productivity. Well, if big corporations like Google can do that and still have outstanding workers, why shouldn’t it be true?

Games can change the way we think for the better. The very science of the games can make us happier and they can help us achieve our goals by making us take a different approach in our day-to-day tasks. In the end, we become more productive as long as we don’t abuse gaming for the purpose of slacking at work.

Games help you recharge by expending energy. Instead of taking breaks from stressful activities, according to scientific research we would be better off and feel more energetic when we expend energy by playing a challenging video game. It would be like a mid-day energy boost. The more challenging the game the more energized you will feel and ready to continue with your work. This is because your dopamine levels are amped up that are available in the reward pathways of your brain. This way your motivation increases as well as your willpower.

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Moreover, a good video game will teach you how to be a leader and achieve goals, which are the key elements in video games. The skills that you develop while playing games include confrontation, getting stronger, focusing on strength and recruiting allies, the same qualities that are looked in a team leader.

With a game-full mindset you develop the kind of skills that will help you in building a project team, gathering resources for the project and making your team stronger. When you confront a problem in a game, you develop your skills to confront problems in real life too. So, what our society needs to do and companies to realize is that workers may become better workers if they are allowed to reenergize themselves with some little video gaming time during work hours.


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