This Gaming Bed Is Insane and I Want It


Gaming Bed Setup

Tired: Gaming Chairs. Wired: Gaming Beds. Yeah, that’s right. This setup might actually unleash the gaming demon in me that has lied dormant for a while. I’m a sucker for great gaming setups and now that PC gaming has started going mainstream, it wouldn’t hurt to design and customise an interesting setup. People have even gone to dedicating entire rooms just for gaming.

Here’s an even excellent setup – a gaming bed setup.

Japan has one at least for Bauhutte. The firm specializes in furniture and other storage cabinets.Gaming Chair Setup

They recently focussed on gamers by offering a combination of their products to create gaming desks such as using storage cabinets for gaming screens and adjustable seats even catering to racing games.Gaming Racing Setup

The most exciting of them all is the gaming bed setup. This is not only fit for gamers but literally any lazy person, me included. Also if you plan on working from home, this is the perfect setup.

You can even grab snacks while I catch on YouTube, funny TikTok dance videos or Netflix.

Even when I’ll not be gaming, you’ll have to literally drag me outside.

Here’s the actual setup.

People are loving it


I know, right?

I disagree

How much does it cost?

The gaming bed setup will cost you up to 113,250 yen(Ksh 106,622) for the bed alone. The other accessories are purchased separately.