This Tool Assists Online Gamblers to Recognize and Amend Risky Behaviour

Green Gaming

One of the most common objections that some people have with regard to online gambling is that fact that it can tempt people into spending more money than they can afford to. For some people, this can also mean becoming addicted. Those who are susceptible to this type of behaviour can get into financial difficulties because in worse case scenarios, money that should be set aside for paying bills and buying food etc. can get eaten into.

Independent action to help players to identify risky gaming behaviour

So it’s good to see that one of the online casinos leading lights, MrGreen, has taken independent action to tackle this problem with a view to spotting adverse betting behaviour before it takes hold. Last month (September 2017) MrGreen announced the launch of the MrGreen Predictive Gaming Tool which is appropriately called Green Gaming.

MrGreen has always been at the forefront of promoting responsible gambling and has taken direct action by launching the Green Gaming initiative which has been developed in conjunction with Sustainable Interaction. They are a Swedish company that concentrates on creating diagnostic tools and digital products aimed at psychological behaviour and health associated with responsible gaming.

The new Green Gaming tool is the first of its kind, and MrGreen is rolling it out in the UK market, with other European countries to follow in due course.

Self-help is now at hand through Green Gaming

Responsible gaming works on the principle of controlling gambling behaviour, and in particular any areas of risk. While this is something that is promoted by MrGreen and other top online casinos, it relies on the players themselves being aware that their gaming play is entering into hazardous habits. Unfortunately, some people are incapable of spotting this for themselves. Now, however, thanks to MrGreen’s Predictive Gaming initiative, self-help is at hand.

Dealing with a player’s misconceptions of his/her gambling behaviour

This new tool that MrGreen has launched works on the principle of analysing the actual playing behaviour of the individual player and comparing it to the player’s own conception of his or her gambling actions. It is all too easy for players to misconstrue their behaviour, but the new Predictive Gaming Tool stops that from happening. However, the player must first volunteer to “signing-up” for this new help tool. It is of course completely free of charge.

The new online casino Green Gaming tool is interactive

Through the action of recording a player’s actual gambling behaviour, Green Gaming is then able to advise that player through its analysis by issuing personal insights about their gaming practices. So, if a player seems to be entering into the realms of adverse risk, he/she can be advised accordingly.

The new tool can also take proactive action by modifying the communications and offers that get issued as a matter of course. Where for example a player is exhibiting signs of behavioural risk, he/she could be asked to reset the limits of their play both in terms of regularity and the size of wagers. Where risk appears to be taking over, the player could be asked to stop playing for a designated period of time, during which MrGreen will stop any communications with the individual that could lead to increasing the danger.

Sportsbook model to be launched in the near future

At this point in time, the predictive Green Gaming Tool only works with the online casino. However, there are also plans to launch a Sportsbook model in the near future.