Auralocks: Say Goodbye to Keys Forever with this Biometric Smart Lock


Lockibly fingerI’m the kind of person who always loses things. And my keys were a common victim. My friends and family always made fun of me, when I started a family of my own, the situation got serious. I couldn’t have stray keys to my home floating around the community. That’s just not safe.

Instead of duct taping my house key to my body every time I left home, I decided to install biometric locks made by Auralocks.

These smart locks are safe, indestructible, and best of all, they don’t require keys. Let me tell you all about my experience.

No More Keys

Keys are pretty ancient technology. Why do we still use them, anyway? Auralocks gives you access to your home via a fingerprint scanner located directly on the door handle. As soon as you touch the handle, your door automatically unlocks. This makes it really easy to access your home even if you’re carrying shopping bags (or in my case, a sleeping baby). No need to dig for your keys!Lockibly fingerprint

The advanced biometric scanner isn’t like the ones you see getting hacked in action movies. Auralocks’ 3D-rendering scanner recognizes your actual finger, not just the print. This ensures your unique fingerprint can’t be lifted or imitated.

Smarter and Easier

Auralocks’ locks are smarter and easier to use than traditional locks. You can program up to 100 different fingerprints into each lock, so you can give access to the whole family and no one else. You can also manage the data, so you can give temporary access to babysitters and visiting in-laws.

The fingerprint reader provides instant access every time. It’s very easy and natural to use. But as a failsafe, you can also unlock the door via Bluetooth on your phone.

If you’re away from the house and want to check on the family, you can use access logs on the Auralocks app to see who’s coming and going.

I also love that my doors now lock automatically after 3 seconds. This ensures that my home is locked tight at all times, regardless of whether I remember to turn a key.Lockibly biometric

Strong and Secure

At first, I was a bit worried about getting a smart lock. I’d head a lot of stories about electronic locks getting hacked.

Auralocks doesn’t have the vulnerability of other smart locks, because it’s not online. All of the data you program into Auralocks is contained within the lock, and it stays there. Nothing goes to the cloud or the web, so it’s impossible to hack.

The information shared with your phone via Bluetooth is encrypted using the same technology that government security agencies use. Not only that, but Auralocks is made of high-density metal and is nearly indestructible.

It has an amazing battery life as well. Just a 30-minute charge powers the lock for an entire year! And when the battery runs low, a notification will inform you more than a month in advance.

After switching to Auralocks I couldn’t believe how vulnerable my home had been with my old doorknobs and keyholes!

Easy to Install

Auralocks couldn’t be easier to set up in your home. You don’t need a locksmith or any hardware (just a screwdriver).

When my locks arrived, I had them installed and programmed with my family’s fingerprint data in about 20 minutes.

I can’t describe how big of a relief it was to “lose” my keys once and for all!Lockibly setup

Try Auralocks

I couldn’t recommend Lockibly’s smart locks enough. We insist on using biometric data and encryption to lock our phones, so why aren’t we using the same security to protect our homes and families? Auralocks brings home security into the 21st century.

Auralocks makes 4 different locks which range from $249.99-$349.99. They’re a bit pricy, but the peace of mind is worth it. Plus, they’re built to last for a LONG time.

You can choose from the following 4 locks:

  • Hermes: Biometric and Bluetooth smart lock
  • Activa: Biometric smart lock with a key lock (best of both worlds)
  • Veti: Biometric smart lock with key lock and passcode lock (program a numerical passcode that can be punched into a touchpad on the door handle)
  • Aura: Biometric smart lock with passcode lock and token access (a keycard you can wave in front of the lock to gain access)

Auralocks locks are available in a number of styles and colors. They have a sleek yet minimalist look and make an attractive addition to your home without drawing unwanted attention.

Are you ready to upgrade your home security? Now, you can take 20% off of Auralocks’ smart locks at

By Alicia Silverstone

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