How to Play Slots on your Phone


As the lockdown continues many of us are turning more and more to online sites for some escape and entertainment. Uncertain times indeed, but structure is still vitally important during our daily lives and having some fun should definitely be included in that structure.

Why Play Online Slots?

There are a few great reasons to play online slots and perhaps the one that counts the most at this stressful time is that it is incredibly convenient. You can play from anywhere in your home and at any time of the day which means if you need a little ‘alone’ time but want something fun for just a few minutes then have a game of slots can tick all of the boxes.

Where Should I Play?

Statistics tell us that more people enjoy playing online casino games and slots via their mobile devices rather than playing on a home computer and this increase in mobile play has led to a glut of online casino and slots sites appearing on our pages each day.

Unfortunately, not all online sites are as good as each other so it is important to make sure that the site you are considering covers some of the most important points.

Things to Consider

  • Does the online site hold a valid gambling license?
  • Does the online site have a professional customer support team available?
  • Can you read and understand all terms and conditions that may apply to bonus and promotional offers?
  • Does the site use successful and popular software to supply its games?
  • Is there a comprehensive depositing selection for those that want to make payments into their personal accounts?
  • Is the games choice enough for your own personal taste?
  • Do you like the look and ‘feel’ of the site?

Only the most popular UK mobile slots sites off everything (and more) listed above, and this is why you should be careful and take a little time when choosing your own place to play.

Under Threat

Sadly, there will always be those that wish to steal others personal information in order to benefit themselves, and this means that choosing an online casino/slots site that is safe and secure is important.

We are all under constant threat of potential hackers, none of us is totally immune but making sure we do a few things to make it more difficult can really help to deter that criminal element.

Measures to Combat Identity Theft

Sites like Fruity King make sure that their customers private information is kept secure by employing the most up-to-date security software which is continuing evolving. Depositing methods also include the ‘pay by phone’ option which allows players to pay for games by using their monthly phone bill or by having the cost of the games deducted from their pay-as-you-go balance.

Being able to cover the cost of games via a phone bill or balance means that there is no need to give any banking details online when making a deposit removing the very thing that hackers are after.

At writing you can only deposit £30 a day into your personal account via your phone, and you cannot withdraw into your phone account but this method is well worth considering if you are concerning about identity fraud, but always remember using strong passwords and making sure that the sites you visit are secure as well as not opening emails from those sites you are not sure about can also help a great deal in the fight against potential hackers.

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