Bolt Protect Is a New Category With Enhanced COVID-19 Prevention Measures

bolt protect


Bolt, the Estonian rideshare company announced new set of measures to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 disease between drivers and passengers. Their new Bolt Protect category seeks to do this.

The most striking one is having a transparent film divider between the driver and passenger. This is aimed at further reducing the spread of the disease through airborne means. Bolt will provide the drivers with a guide on how to build the protective sheet.

“The protective setup of Bolt Protect helps reduce the risk of virus spreading through coughs and sneezes,” Ola Akinnusi, Bolt Kenya’s Country Manager was quoted as saying. “However, this is just one of the precautionary measures. We strongly advise all our drivers and passengers to act responsibly and continue following the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.”

Bolt has also added additional measures to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 disease. There will be proper ventilation of the cars throughout the trip. Regular cleaning od the door handles and backseat area after every completed trip. There will be a sanitizer compartment and the number of passengers will be limited to two using the backseats.

Bolt Protect will be available to their customers in Nairobi and will be expanded to other towns soon. It is priced similarly to the classic Bolt category since they share the same base, per km and per minute fares.

Currently, ride-sharing platforms like Bolt are limited to work between 5am and 7pm everyday due to the continuation of the curfew issued by the government over 3 weeks ago.