Here’s Why You’re Seeing Those Extra-Long Instagram Photos



If you’re extremely on Instagram scrolling and lurking, you may have noticed something weird.

People are posting extra-long photos on the Facebook-owned platform.

Apparently, there is a glitch on Instagram.

Giant/Long Post Glitch? from Instagram

Instagram iOS app to be exact.

Users on the iOS app have been able to post extra-long posts that mean you have to scroll for a while before reaching the next post on your feed.

This glitch isn’t replicable on the Android app.

The app can’t crop the photo posted as it usually does and hence the extra-long photos. This glitch works partially as some photos appear completely black or pixelated such as this one posted by The Verge’s William.

It looks weirder on the web.Instagram Extra Long Photo

There’s even a tutorial on YouTube.

Reddit too

How To: Do The Long/Giant Instagram Post from Instagram

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