Customize Your Android Phone With These Tips and Tricks

Android Smartphones

The best thing about Android smartphones is the flexibility to customize and personalize the device according to your preferences.

Apple’s iOS is slowly catching up with iOS 14 but for now Android is the perfect operating system to go nuts on.

Also, there’s a ton of customisation apps in the Google Play Store.

So if you just got a new Android phone or want to revamp your old Android device – here’s where and how to start personalizing your phone.

Custom Launchers

Most of us are okay using the native launcher your phone came in especially if it’s a OnePlus device, a Pixel device or a Samsung device thanks to the minimalistic OxygenOS, Pixel launcher or One UI respectively.

For the rest of us, we have to tweak the devices by getting a more simple launcher to reskin our Android devices.

There’s a ton of launchers on the Google Play Store. Nova launcher is right up there – if you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll notice that it’s my go-to launcher.

Here are other interesting launchers to check out:

Custom Icon Packs

Why stop at custom launchers, get some custom icon packs too. From the featured image above, you’ll see I’m not using the native icons – I like experimenting with new icon packs.

Here are some of my favourites:

Custom Wallpaper Apps

We might as well get a wallpaper app while we’re here, right?

Custom Widget Apps

Other Interesting Apps

  • MIUI-ify – lets you have the quick settings slide from the bottom instead of the top.

Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Running Smooth Just like When It Was New

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