Telkom Kenya Ziada Points: How to Opt-in, Redeem and Use the Loyalty Units

My Telkom App

Some of us might not know that Telkom Kenya has a loyalty program for pre-pay customers known as Ziada points. For the most part, it works in the same manner as Safaricom’s Bonga points, but there are some key differences or features that make it a superior product.

With that in mind, here are some Ziada points features, including how you can opt-in and redeem your units.


Unlike Bonga points, Telkom pre-pay customers are rolled into the program automatically.


Telkom gives you one point for every KES 1 spent on its network (for data, SMS or voice). Bonga points, on the other hand, earns you a single point for KES 10.


You can check you Ziada points balance by dialing *126#. Alternatively, you can use the My Telkom app that is also equipped with a ton of other features.


Telkom users can redeem their points for data and airtime. Those who want a device can do so and add some cash on top.

This is where Bonga points take a lead because they can be redeemed for a variety of other units such as SMS, devices or even shopping.


Unlike Bonga points, you need substantial Ziada points to redeem airtime or data. Whereas 20 Bonga points can be redeemed, Ziada starts at 1649 points that are equivalent to 1 GB of Freedom data, FREE WhatsApp and free Telkom points for one day.

4149 points should give you 2 GB of data with the same perks for a week. 8299 points should garner you 3 GB of data (+Free WhatsApp and Telkom calls) valid for thirty days.

Those who want airtime can redeem their points starting at 200 units for KES 10. The airtime can be used across all networks.


While you can send Bonga points to a friend or family member, you cannot do so with Ziada points.

Post-pay Telkom customers

This group is not eligible for Bonga points.

It takes a lot more airtime to collect Bonga points, but Safaricom gives you an option to redeem them starting from 20 points or so. Ziada points are also limited to data, airtime, and devices. Bonga can be used for a lot more – including making payments for purchases made at retail stores, including its own Masoko platform. Lastly, Bonga units do not have an expiry period once you redeem them for data, SMS or voice.