This Company Envisioned a Virus-Proof Suit So That People Can Socialize


2020 feels post-apocalyptic in a way. Everyone is wearing a mask and supermarkets feel like hospital wards. The media shows a grim picture of the rising cases of COVID-19 and close human connections feels like a crime.

Well, this company claims they have a solution, which feels like it is straight from a post-apocalyptic movie.

A Los Angeles based company, Production Club, envisioned a suit they call Micrashell that they claim will allow you to “socialize in times of a pandemic.

‘Production Club is actively working on solutions for ourselves and clients that Willa allow to safely gather together,” they said. “With everyone in our industry focused  on developing virtual solutions, we decided to focus on something more emotions, physical and inherently human so that the industry as a whole could have a broader chance to recover promptly.

The suit looks like something you’d see in a video game like Overwatch or a post-apocalyptic movie where people live in a camp in another planet.

The company details a lot of features that the suit offers. Ït is an äir tight top suit and helmet made of tactical high performance and cut resistant fabric, developed for durability, endurance and easy disinfecting procedures,” they claim.

The helmet has a filtration system based on the N95 standard. You have seen N95 masks being used by medical professionals as protection against viruses and they claim that the helmet offers the same protection.

The suit is also loaded with a lot of tech. It has an integrated internal speaker that allows people to listen to live music in 3 modes: directly streamed from the band, as an emulation and a as pass through thanks to the embedded microphones. There is a camera to take photos and videos, a custom pocket for your phone and even RGBW lights to light up the suit.

It gets even better. The suit has special loading chambers underneath the helmet to allow you safely consume drinks and vape.

The company is a studio that is “born in the rave culture”so it makes sense why they would announce a product like this.