Samsung New Crystal UHD TVs Launch in Kenya, Can Boost Any Signal to 4K

Samsung Crystal UHD



Samsung has brought its Crystal UHD televisions to Kenya. We have not seen the moniker ‘Crystal UHD’ in their TVs and Kenya, and other markers are receiving the TVs with this technology.

It is also worth noting that Samsung is known for its QLED technology that is found in its high-end offerings that compete with OLED counterparts from LG.

Samsung has also since announced it is getting out of the LCD business, so it is likely the South Korean corporation will no longer be making LCD panels (even the majority of its smart devices are now using AMOLED technology).

Samsung claims that Crystal UHD technology is equipped with a processor that should upscale any signal to 4K.

Besides customers enjoying the clarity of 4K, the price range of the TV is attractive and will make a lot of people who have always wanted to invest in a quality Samsung TV. That is, without making a hole in their pocket.

“The new Crystal UHD TV will bring the highest content to life in a whole new way, delivering a viewing experience like never before in a mainstream UHD TV,” reads a statement from Samsung.

If you like speaking to your devices, the new TVs have a voice assistant in tow, probably powered by Bixby over Tizen.

Other features include viewing multiple contents at the same time (by splitting views into two – where the second content is mirrored on a mobile device), a game enhancer mode, and making the TV display your favourite images when idle.

Local pricing has not been revealed yet, but we estimate a KES 50000 starting price for the 43” model.

The TVs come in three model numbers: TU7000 that includes 50”, 55”, 65” and 75” panels; RU7100 with a single 65” option; and lastly, TU800 that starts from 55” to 82”.

We will update the story about the prices as soon as Samsung reveals them.


TU800 50″ – KES 62335

TU800 55″ – KES 71995

TU800 65″ – KES 117995