Mi TV Stick Expected to Replace Xiaomi Mi Box S

Mi TV Stick

Smart TVs are littering the entertainment space, but the majority are not very good due to entry-level specs. Other TVs in the space are just dumb, meaning they have to be complemented by a TV box or stick to make them smart. The two kinds of TVs can be supplemented by a wide range of streaming boxes out here – but only a couple of boxes do a good job.

Xiaomi is one of the companies that sells TV boxes. They are of high quality and come at an attractive price. We have since covered the likes of Mi Box 3 that punches above its price tag. The 3 has since been replaced with the Mi Box S that can be purchased locally at a steal.

Xiaomi is rumoured to be prepping a Mi TV Stick that works in the same manner as Amazon Fire Stick. In fact, it is said that the new Xiaomi Stick is targeting to rival the Fire Stick that is quite successful and loved among its loyal users.

The release data of the Mi TV Stick is said to be toward the end of July 2020. Further leaks say that it will come in two variants: one that maxes content to 1080p, alongside a gig of RAM, and another one that supports 4K resolutions and 2 GB of RAM. Both models are rumoured to have 8 GB of internal space.

Furthermore, both models are expected to run Android TV 9, with perks like Google Assistant and Bluetooth powered remote control.

The Stick is likely going to replace the Mi Box S, which elicits mixed feelings from me. The Box is functional as it is, and we really hope Xiaomi releases successors alongside the Mi TV Stick as two standalone products (that serve the same purpose).

A Twitter user has rounded up expected specifications for the Sticks as shown in the linked tweet.

The FHD model is expected to start from $50, whereas the 4K model is projected to launch at about $130, which, if so, is a little on the higher side.