Samsung Now Sells a Wireless Charger That Disinfects Your Phone



2020 has been a turnaround year for most people and we are now witnessing stuff we thought we would never see before. This latest product by Samsung is a testament to that.

Samsung has begun selling a sterilizer with a wireless charging functionality built-in that promises to destroy up to 99% of bacteria within 10 minutes. It uses dual UV lamps that sterilize both the top and surface of the things you put into the case. They specify the bacteria that will be effectively killed by this lamp which include E-coli, Staphylococcus, and Candida Albicans which cause a number of diseases.

It can support up to the Galaxy S20 ultra which is their latest flagship and can sterilize for 10 minutes. On the website, they say it is has a total power of 10W, which means it is a 10W wireless charger for your phone. This means you can charge your Samsung phone (or any other fitting phone really) inside this case and it gets charged while being sterilized at the same time.

Samsung doesn’t limit what you put inside this sterilizer. “Dedicated to keeping your personal daily belongings contamination-free such as smartphones, Galaxy buds and etc,” they describe the product on the webpage. You can use it to sterilize your phone, wireless earphones, and even sunglasses.

This is a kind of product that has been made possible due to the unique nature of 2020. Disinfecting frequently used items like phones, keys, sunglasses or earphones need to be disinfected constantly. Samsung was already offering UV-C sanitizing service for Galaxy devices for free in select countries so this looks like a mass market version of that service.