Huawei Kenya Organizes Online Job Fair, Hires 40 ICT Professionals


Huawei has organized an online job fair that aims to employ more than 40 ICT workers. The fair has been organized between the Chinese technology corporation and its partners and cites that while the country, as well as other parts of the world, are undergoing difficult economic times, Huawei is still on track in investing in local talent through internships, training programs, and full-time recruitment.

According to Huawei:

During this difficult period, the country is more dependent on ICT than ever before but is in a relatively good position thanks to the investments and progress in the last 10-20 years by the government, private sector and other stakeholders. Over 85% of citizens are covered by a 3G network and able to access multiple government services online whilst also doing business, transacting money, getting health information online, and much more. ICT has proven to be of the utmost importance in combating the pandemic.

Huawei further adds that the current infrastructure, online services, and e-government solutions require talent to develop, maintain, and support. In the same instance, Huawei says that it can help advance new developments so the country can take advantage of its technologies to manage the Coronavirus pandemic and accelerate Kenya’s long-term growth.

The fair was opened by the ICT PS Jerome Ochieng’ who lauded Huawei’s efforts in enabling the growth of the ICT sector and the creation of jobs.

“I thank our partners in the private sector, including Huawei, who have supported this and other programs such as Seeds for the Future and the Ajira Digital Program which has trained over 100,000 youth,” says the PS.

“We realized a long time ago that the key to our success, and the key to Kenya’s success, would be in education and talent. We set-up our East Africa Training Center back in 2008 which has trained more than 5,000 people. We have hired thousands of local people during that time and on average 2,000 Kenyans are working on Huawei projects directly, or indirectly, at any time. We have provided hundreds of internships through Seeds for the Future program, trained 130 lecturers and over 2,500 students through the ICT Academy program,” noted Will Meng, Deputy CEO of Huawei Kenya.

Today’s activity saw more than 100 students who took part in the interview, with Huawei Kenya and their partners hiring more than 40 students into the ICT workforce.

Among the eligible candidates were all university students that graduated in 2019.

Some of the positions that were being filled included IP/IT Solution Engineers for the Enterprise Business division, Software Service Engineers as well as Technical Solution Engineers.