WhatsApp Working on Syncing Chat History Across Different Platforms


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WhatsApp chat history implementation has always annoyed me since the app is designed for use on one device. It seems WhatsApp is finally working to change this mediocre way of living as per WABetaInfo.

They report that WhatsApp is working on an option that allows you to use the same account on different devices at the same time. This will be a big move on WhatsApp’s part since it is based on phone memory at the moment, so this move is more than welcome. This is arguably the biggest change to how WhatsApp works since its inception back in 2009.

Apparently, WhatsApp is working on the ability to work on 4 devices at the same time. They realized the plan on an interface on the Android app which gave away WhatsApp’s plan for the feature.

When a person wants to use WhatsApp on a second device, they will need to copy the chat history. This means that they will require a Wi-Fi connection to make up for those instances you have a huge database on your phone. In this case, WhatsApp Desktop was used for the test but the publication says that WhatsApp will allow mobile devices to be connected to your main device later.

They note that the iOS to Android link has not been confirmed yet. Apparently WhatsApp was previously working to convert the iOS database to the one compatible with the Android format.

This is very good news for the over 2 billion users on WhatsApp. One of my biggest gripes about WhatsApp is the fact that you can’t use it on multiple devices independently. That is why WhatsApp implemented the WhatsApp web feature where you scan a QR code so that the laptop uses your WhatsApp database in your phone to show chats.

This will also allow WhatsApp to at least match what Telegram offers, but not exactly. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is based on the cloud so chats on your desktop and phones are synced automatically, unlike WhatsApp. I still don’t understand why  WhatsApp can’t implement a global internal cloud based system like Telegram, but baby steps I guess.