Huawei 2020 Developer Conference Gets a New Date


Huawei is set to have its Developer Conference 2020 soon after it was postponed months ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Huawei says that the Developer Conference is scheduled to start from September 10th and will run until the 12th of the same month. They will have online keynotes and sessions where you will engage with Huawei experts and chat with fellow developers.

The keynote addresses will start on 10th September at 3pm CST (10pm Kenyan time). The tech sessions will be held on the 11th and the 12th with no specific times quoted by the company.

Last year’s developer conference attracted more than 5,000 people globally according to SCMP. During that conference, they unveiled their operating system Harmony. They claimed that migrating apps over from Android would be easy.

The Huawei Developer Conference was a key part of their strategy in developing a new ecosystem of apps. As you know, the US government severed the relationship between US companies and Huawei which meant that Google apps could no longer be preloaded to Huawei phones.

This year’s developer conference has the potential to reach a bigger audience through their webcast. We can also presume that they will touch on a number of things that affect their ecosystem. This includes their current state and future plans of their App Gallery and Huawei Mobile Services. They may also announce their latest Mate 40 device which would be the second Mate phone to be launched without Google Services after the Mate 30.

Huawei might also touch on their plans with their processor conundrum after they were barred from outsourcing their Kirin chip manufacturing to TSMC. Currently they are preparing a chip plant that uses a rather old manufacturing node, which takes them back years.

This will be an interesting developer conference to attend and we are quite curious on what Huawei is planning to share with developers in a month.