Twitter Will Limit Visibility of “Copy Pasted” Tweets on Timeline

twitter will limit copy pasted tweets


Twitter can be a great source of original content but most of it spammy copy pasted material. You can know a viral tweet is copy pasted by pasting it on the search bar and checking the results. This has become a huge problem for the network and Twitter is doing something about it.

Well today, Twitter has decided to crack down on that as per a communique on their site. “We’ve seen an increase in ‘copypasta’ an attempt by many accounts to copy paste and tweet the same phrase,” they said. Twitter has threatened to limit the visibility of the Tweets when they see the behaviour.

Twitter hinted that may begin to track how many times a link in a tweet has been copied earlier this year. It seems that now they have expanded that to tackle copy pasted tweets that have run riot ont he platform.

Copy pasted tweets are a headache for a lot of users, especially creators. Such content is easily plagiarized for clout based on the retweets and likes the post will get. This new policy will aim to curtail such behaviour.

Twitter’s policy against copy pasted against spammy behaviour is direct. When they find out that a tweet has spammy behaviour, the account may be temporarily or permanently suspended. Additionally, any additional account that the person owns and attempts to do the same thing may be permanently suspended.

We have to wait and see how effective Twitter’s new ‘copypasta’ policies are in eliminating this behaviour.